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What people are saying...

I love your products! I took them with me traveling in Europe and South America. They kept my curls looking great.  Absolutely love your conditioner and leave in. I feel like your products were literally made for my hair! LOVE IT!


Curls achieved with Jirano Beauty's Coconut Silk Curl Definer. Volume Tip: for dense hair, do medium-large sections and less separating to tame the volume. For thinner hair, do more sections and separation to increase the fullness. Also a layered hair cut can bring your shape to life! Juicy and full curls that stayed moisturized for days!

Daye La Soul

First of all I used a lot of natural products before and most of the time they don't really work for me, today I used the whole line you sent me and I have to say I LOOOOOOOOOVE it.  I was super surprised when I applied the Coconut Shampoo because it did lather a lot which was very surprising because sulfate-free shampoos (most of the time) don't lather and I need lather.  And the Leave-In and Silk Curl Definer made my hair suuuuuuuper soft!


Yes!!!!! It works people! In seconds you can have a head full of fabulous curls.
To start I washed and conditioned my hair with Jirano's Coconut Shampoo and Silky Coconut Conditioner (both smell amazing). OMG!!! Jirano's products work so well on my hair!


I first used the Coconut Co-Wash Shampoo to remove the heavy product build-up from my hair. Next, after rinsing, I combined the Maisha Deep Conditioner and the Hair Masque to detangling and deep condition my hair. After leaving that in for about 20 minutes, I rinsed it out and added the Conditioning Oil Blends to my strands from root to tips;then, I topped everything off with the Coconut Silk Curl Definer @JiranoBeauty. It left me with the perfect combination of soft AND defined (and great smelling) curls! I'm so impressed! ❤!

Jewellina P.

Okay folks…I’ve given this collection a month and I must say that my hair loves it. I try to give products several uses before I speak on it but so far this collection has kept my curls moisturized and soft.  Having type 4 hair, I definitely use this with my oil of choice, but I will definitely keep this in my weekly hair regimen. My bf loves the smell of my hair and I love the feel of my hair so it’s a win-win. It’s a line that I would share with my girlfriends. 


They are really moisturizing. I used the leave-in conditioner and the curl cream for the LOC method and my hair was feeling really hydrated and soft for a couple of days so I didn’t even have to re-apply products like I normally do.


I’ve been using this for the past 5 months. It REALLY goes a long way. It’s very good and I swear, as soon as it hits my hair, it melts – it’s like butter! This stuff is nice.  It’s a really good product and I like using this stuff.


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T James
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