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Products that define your curls and grow your hair Jirano Beauty Coconut is the best oil for your hair, period.

While many products are using argan oil, monoi oil, or moroccan oil, scientific fact proves that Coconut Oil is better for curly hair.

Why, you ask?
Coconut is the best absorbing of all oils, penetrating your hairs’ cortex (the inner part) improving hair strength and flexibility.

Less Breakage
This results in less breakage/damage from combing and even heat styling! Coconut outlasts all other oils with its superior staying power and protection against protein loss. It’s ‘inside’ your hair, so it will not rinse away like other oils.

Perfect Balance
Coconut oil’s high moisture retaining capacity does not let moisture escape, creating the perfect balance of hydration. Your hair becomes incredibly moist and soft, without breakage of hair, tangling or single strand knots.

Coconut Oil: Always the best. Still the best.


Your hair is 95% keratin.
It’s no wonder why ANY hair product that is effective contains Keratin. Your body produces keratin naturally. But for your hair to be at its best, your hair needs help! That is why we infuse every one of our products with Keratin.

It is integral to the health of your hair.
It’s water-binding properties support moisture retention. It’s brimming with essential nutrients and vital trace elements including Iron, Zinc, Magnesium, Copper, Silicon and Vitamin A, amongst others. It contains amino acids which nourish your hair, supporting structure and luster.

Keratin prevents hair loss, strengthens & thickens hair, restores shine, softness
and moisture to your hair. Keratin also protects against oxidation while providing a superior moisturizing effect on hair.

When Keratin is combined with Coconut Oil,
two hair essentials are unbeatable!

Your hair will be healthier, shinier,
detangled, hydrated and manageable.


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