Our love of hair came from a long family tradition of hair care.

Hair rituals have been an integral part of our family and they span many generations from our mother, grandmother and beyond.  We remember going to the big open market on Sundays where we would buy all kinds of fruits including - coconuts from the coast, avocados, the ripest shea nuts, exotic oils and spices.  We would bring them back home and while we played, mom would transform the ingredients into food and amazing formulations for our hair.

Over time, this family custom of sharing was to become our destiny, even though we didn’t know it at the time. All we   knew was that hair was a big part of our lives. And the knowledge we had gained from years of using only the best natural ingredients was something we wanted to share.

So today and everyday our vision is:

To provide natural hair care solutions for all races & ethnicities.

To make our business a personal quest to empower
our customers and stakeholders by providing
the best personal beauty products, while embracing
and celebrating ethnic diversity.

This vision is achieved by:

              • sourcing the purest natural products,
              • respecting those who work along side us,
              • understanding the specific needs of each & every race and ethnicity,
              • listening to our customers every day.

And we are bringing you the best mother nature has to give...