It is said that our great grandmother
secrets of hair care from her mother.

"Maisha ya nywele nzuri."
In Swahili; "A life of beautiful hair."

Jirano founders

What started so many years ago has become legend in our family. As far back as my family can remember, caring for hair is tradition.

Over the generations, little has changed, the best coconuts from the coast - the best shea, picked at optimum time – vanilla from Madagascar - aloe harvested just after the rain – and more.

But we cannot reveal too much. This family treasure – a secret – is an amalgam that makes curly hair smooth, tangle free, long and defined.

But what we knew as young children was simply ritual. Every Sunday, at home; Mom crushing the ingredients by hand and making products to put into our hair.

As we grew, we watched in fascination as natural ingredients turned into magical creams that cleansed and nourished our hair.

The fresh, warm scents of coconut, vanilla, and shea always brought us comfort. We loved what it did for our hair. More than that, we loved the entire ritual. It was our mother’s way of sharing her love. What started as a family tradition became our destiny.

"Maisha ya nywele nzuri."

Thanks Mom, Grandma…

Jirani. In Swahili, “neighborhood.”

Our love of this word grows from an ancient place, Kenya, where the word ‘jirani’ has been used for centuries to define inter-connectivity. The notion of neighbourhood and working together as one creates more than just a single small village in which we all strive for the same ideal.

It is our belief that we are all neighbours and the world is our village, because what we do in one corner of the planet affects all of us. ‘Jirano’ reflects our interconnection. We are all neighbors.

Our Values - Respect, Honesty and Integrity.

Our world is a living organism and this is where our products come from. Mother Nature provides us with so much abundance, how could we possibly take away without giving back?

We are forthright in our approach to our business ethics, our products and our customers who are at the centre of our core values. And because our name Jirano, “neighborhood”,
clearly reflects our inter-connectivity, we are aware of the world and it’s fragile nature.

Respect, honesty and integrity in everything we do is paramount to us as business people
and as neighbours.The same values apply to our environmental policy. We reduce, reuse
and recycle in all areas of our company. And we are always working toward finding alternative
packaging that will be kinder to our world.

Our MANTRA “Simply Beautiful”

For millennia, women have searched for the perfect elements to make their hair healthy, shiny and
manageable. Beautiful, lustrous hair was illusive.

Until now. At Jirano, nature is the key to beautiful hair.  We went back in time to a traditional family recipe that was perfected over generations, using natural ingredients to provide hair with the essential elements your hair needs to smooth, grow and flourish.

It is the simplest of natural solutions; your hair and scalp are nourished.
Our natural oils, moisturizers and emollients are all provided by Mother Nature, not in a laboratory.

At Jirano, your hair is “Simply Beautiful.”

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