Jirano Curl Care products are formulated to soften, clean, hydrate and smooth hair using highly effective ingredients that are closer to nature!

It’s a high performance, salon grade natural line for curly girls regardless of your origin.

It’s for everyone with curls!

It out-performs other products with more hydration, shine, smoothness and definition.
And we do it all with natural ingredients. You can now get shinier, tangle free hair without chemicals. And this means healthier, more hydrated hair with less breakage.

Jirano Curl Care is made for you!
Our coconut keratin infusion provides ultimate hydration and shine for healthier looking hair.
It’s because coconut oil is better than any other infusion for total absorption into the core of your hair.

It makes your hair shinier, smoother, softer and completely detangled.

It’s all natural. There are no sulfates, silicones, parabens or chemicals that harm your hair.

soft, smooth, defined curls products


the best products for curls and natural hair - defined curls and hair growthCoconut  Shampoo

Our Coconut  Shampoo is a build-up removing wash that works to clean and remove dirt, product and other solids that build up on your scalp. It hydrates and shines while cleansing and clarifying.
It’s amazing what a great shampoo will do for your hair!
ME Curl Care Co-Wash will leave your hair hydrated, shiny, & detangled.
You won’t believe how soft and manageable your curls will be.

Silky Coconut Conditioner

Wow, talk about silky soft, hydrated, shiny curls. With silky Coconut Conditioner, your curls will pop! Our coconut keratin infusion gets inside your hair like no other to give your curls the nourishment they need. And the results show it.
You will have beautiful, shiny, tangle free curls, that will have all your friends giving you compliments.

Coconut Leave-In Conditioner

Our Leave-In is the star of the ME line. It will become the
centre of your daily hair routine. And it does it all in just
60 seconds! It enhances your curls with more moisture, shine and definition, while smoothing your curls – so there’s less manipulation and breakage.

Leave-in sprays are full of water and chemicals which harm your hair.
Our unique 1 minute marvel cream formula is packed with hydrating
shine agents! So it will go 4x farther than any spray for less! You will have shinier, smoother hair and more defined curls in less time for less money.

Coconut Silk Curl Definer

This is the Ultimate with 6X the power of other definers. Silky soft, shiny and defined curls will be yours -without chemicals or the crunch that many definers leave behind.

Jirano Bombay Hair Growth Serum - *NEW *

Our Bombay Hair Growth Oil is inspired by the oiling ritual used for centuries by women in India.  When women oiled their hair, they would massage their scalps and apply hair oil almost daily.  The result: long, lustrous, hair with improved scalp circulation for hair growth.  With hair stimulating ingredients, Bombay Hair Growth Serum works to create smooth, soft, hair that is strong and not susceptible to breakage.  Use it regularly and watch your hair grow and transform.