smooth hair conditioner natural hair


I love your products! I took them with me traveling in Europe and South America. They kept my curls looking great.  Absolutely love your conditioner and leave in. I feel like your products were literally made for my hair! LOVE IT!






The best curl definer - Jirano Beauty  natural hair

Curls achieved with Jirano Beauty's Coconut Silk Curl Definer. Volume Tip: for dense hair, do medium-large sections and less separating to tame the volume. For thinner hair, do more sections and separation to increase the fullness. Also a layered hair cut can bring your shape to life! Juicy and full curls that stayed moisturized for days!

~ Daye La Soul



smooth hair conditioner natural hair

First of all I used a lot of natural products before and most of the time they don't really work for me, today I used the whole line you sent me and I have to say I LOOOOOOOOOVE it.  I was super surprised when I applied the Coconut Shampoo because it did lather a lot which was very surprising because sulfate-free shampoos (most of the time) don't lather and I need lather.  And the Leave-In and Silk Curl Definer made my hair suuuuuuuper soft   ~   Graham



 natural hair products for smooth hair and curl definition

Yes!!!!! It works people! In seconds you can have a head full of fabulous curls.
To start I washed and conditioned my hair with Jirano's Coconut Shampoo and Silky Coconut Conditioner (both smell amazing). OMG!!! Jirano's products work so well on my hair  ~  Keturah






smooth hair conditioner natural hair

I first used the Coconut Co-Wash Shampoo to remove the heavy product build-up from my hair. Next, after rinsing, I combined the Maisha Deep Conditioner and the Hair Masque to detangling and deep condition my hair. After leaving that in for about 20 minutes, I rinsed it out and added the Conditioning Oil Blends to my strands from root to tips;then, I topped everything off with the Coconut Silk Curl Definer @JiranoBeauty. It left me with the perfect combination of soft AND defined (and great smelling) curls! I'm so impressed! ❤!

~ JeweJeweBee




smooth hair conditioner natural hair


Okay folks…I’ve given this collection a month and I must say that my hair loves it. I try to give products several uses before I speak on it but so far this collection has kept my curls moisturized and soft.  Having type 4 hair, I definitely use this with my oil of choice, but I will definitely keep this in my weekly hair regimen. My bf loves the smell of my hair and I love the feel of my hair so it’s a win-win. It’s a line that I would share with my girlfriends.

~ Neena




jirano best curl definition products
They are really moisturizing. I used the leave-in conditioner and the curl cream for the LOC method and my hair was feeling really hydrated and soft for a couple of days so I didn’t even have to re-apply products like I normally do.
~Naturallychea (Nicole)





The best curl definer - Jirano Beauty  natural hair




hair mask deep conditioning
I’ve been using this for the past 5 months. It REALLY goes a long way. It’s very good and I swear, as soon as it hits my hair, it melts – it’s like butter! This stuff is nice.  It’s a really good product and I like using this stuff.
~ BeautiFroHair

hair masque for dry hair smooth hair

Lisa, Toronto 2c Hair
My daughter tried your Leave -In Conditioner first and I loved the way her hair looked, so I tried it too. I just loved it! I noticed the amazing coconut scent right away and we love the fact it’s a natural product.  It left my hair feeling thicker and it pumped up my volume.  Thank you!




Alysse, Atlanta, Georgia
We LOVE the products! I used the shampoo and conditioner - and loved it! We all used the Leave-In Conditioner and the Curl Definer - it works well for all of us.  I think my favorite product is the Curl Definer.  It feels good and works well on our edges, keeping them soft and curly. 



I’m really pleased with the outcome. My hair was very soft.  It was so moisturized and then there was like nice oil sheen in it.
~T James