How To Grow Long Hair Faster

How To Grow Long Hair Faster

You will find out that if you want to grow long hair, it can either be very easy or difficult. For some women its something that they can do almost effortlessly, for others, it takes time and patience; - after all, each and every person is different when it comes to the the amount of time it takes to achieve a certain level of hair growth.

If you happen to have slow hair growth, growing long hair may seem like a far off dream to you, what you may not know is that is is very possible to have long natural hair even without the hair extensions! Keep reading to find out how you can grow long hair faster and naturally.

How to Make Your Hair Grow Longer Faster and Naturally

Usually your hair will grow around an inch every month. The rate that your hair grows is dependent on a few factors such as health condition, age, skin condition etc. So what you can do is to make a special effort in order to maximize on the possibilities of your hair growth process by using the following tips in order to grow healthy hair:

Keep your hair clean

Make sure that you shampoo and condition your hair at least every two days. Over-washing your hair can lead to dryness, especially if you already have dry hair. Keep clear of heavy grease as such greasy hair products can attract more dirt and debris to your hair follicles and cause blockage which can result in slowed hair growth.

Shampooing your hair twice a week is enough, its very important to use a wide toothed comb in order to detangle the hair after you've already conditioned it as this will reduce breakage. Never comb your hair while its dry.

Follow an Hair Care Routine

Proper and regular hair care is what leads to and ensures healthy long hair growth. Use shampoo and conditioner that has been properly formulated for your hair type. Its also important to avoid ingredients such as alcohol, mineral oils, parabens, artificial coloring and many others that cause more harm than good and can over-dry your hair and cause breakage if used regularly.

Each time you shampoo your hair, you should follow it up with a deep conditioner that has also been formulated to suit your hair texture and type. Avoid excessively processing your hair with relaxers, perms, heat, coloring and other styling tools since these things can all cause great damage to your hair and can lead to slowed, even stunted hair growth.

how to get long natural hair

Massage the Scalp

Massage your scalp using the tips of your scalp for 5 minutes every day. Do this before showering or as you shampoo your hair. A scalp massage will help to stimulate your natural hair growth as well as improve the blood's own circulation in the scalp and thus supply more nutrients to the roots. By massaging your scalp, you help to remove dead skin cells from the pores thus paving way for faster hair growth!

Trim your Hair Regularly

Whenever you have split ends, these hairs will break off very easily and the more split ends you have, the slower your hair is going to grow. Trimming split ends will help you to eliminate those already damaged ends, thus helping you to grow long hair fast. Don't get scissor happy and trim too much of your own hair as this will defeat the whole purpose of growing out your hair in the first place.

Improve Overall Health

Make sure that you have a balanced diet of vitamins for hair growth, minerals and proteins through foods such as raisins, broccoli, soy protein, dairy products etc. Eating foods such as fish, meat and eggs is also vital for your hair growth and health. In addition to maintaining a healthy diet, you can supplement using multivitamins such as vitamins B12, B6 and Zinc. It's important that you talk to a doctor before you start taking any of the above mentioned nutritional supplements.

Now that you know just how to make your hair grow longer, thicker, healthier and faster, its important to take into account what you need to do in order to make it happen, remember there's no such thing as an overnight magic pill that you can take for faster hair growth, it takes time, patience and perseverance, like all good thing in life !

You will find out that if you want to grow long hair, it can either be very easy or difficult. For some women its something that they can do almost effortlessly, for others, it takes time and patience

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