How Shampoo Can Make your Hair Grow Faster

How Shampoo Can Make your Hair Grow Faster

There are many avenues to make your hair grow faster, especially when you want to reach a particular hair goal.  In addition to having a balanced diet and vitamins work for you, the goal is to really pay attention to your scalp.  This is where it all begins...

There are many ways to grow your hair, but the one thing you want to identify is the health of your hair follicles. 

It can be tempting to focus on conditioning your hair more than shampooing your hair.   While conditioner is really important to the health of your hair, cleaning your scalp with an effective sulfate-free shampoo is also very important to make your hair grow faster

How Shampoo Helps Your Hair Grow Faster

You will find that your hair will reach its growth potential when a number of things are in sync. 

One of the things that need to work is your diet - getting the proper nutrients and vitamins is crucial to stimulating a good hair growth environment.  Make sure your scalp is staying clean and your body is hydrated.  Water helps improve circulation and this keeps your hair moisturized. 

Conditioner and essential oils help your hair retain moisture and boost the health of your hair.  Your shampoo comes in and clears your hair follicles so your hair can fully grown out of the follicle without any hindrance.  Help hair grow faster by removing the buildup and grease that may be blocking your hair goals!!

This is why your hair is not growing:  It's dry, brittle hair...there's a reason for that!

Shampoo helps clean your hair and helps your scalp grow thicker hair -  the hair follicle is fully open and the hair strand can fully come out of the roots. If your scalp is not cleaned, it tends to grow more finer, thinner hair. 

To help you reach your hair goals, you need to have your scalp in the best condition ever!! This is the source of your hair growth. 

So does shampoo help your hair grow faster?  A big YES to that!  It really does!

Think of a crop. A plant. If you plant on dry land, you get dry crops.  The soil has to work for vegetation to grow...unless you're a desert plant!
sulfate free shampoo for healthy hair

How to Use your Shampoo with Purpose

To really make sure you are using your shampoo with purpose, you want to have your hair growth in mind when you have your shampoo sessions.  Think about these things..

 Saturate your Hair with Water then Shampoo

Water helps your hair absorb the shampoo and lift the dirt and grime from your scalp.  Focus on the roots and let the rest of the water run through your hair shaft.  The root is where you want to massage and water. 

Now be careful - it's addicting to want to wash your hair daily once you start seeing results.  It is also important to reserve shampoo for every other day (if you're active) or at least once a week. 

What do you do the other times you are not shampooing?

Rinse your hair strands.  Say if you go to the gym and sweat a lot - just run water through your hair.  That will often be enough until your next shampoo day.  The dust, debris and sweat can clog your hair follicles pretty quickly.  The aim is to keep your scalp open and to allow oxygen to enter the roots. 

In order to grow your hair and have healthy hair, don't skip the shampoo.

Label Matters

Look at the label? Does it have sulfates?  Stay far far away from sulfates.  Some people say that they use sulfate shampoos to clarify hair.  Sulfates actually leave behind deposits that clog the hair follicles.  This is why your hair will become dry and brittle over time.  This leads to scalp issues and hair loss. 

What shampoo will make your hair grow faster? 

It's too tempting to love the bubbles and the foam when you shampoo your hair with sulfates.  When you look at the label and see Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS), drop it. The most strongest and the most popular is Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES)!  They make for lots of lather and bubbles!  This is also the same ingredients they add to the soap at your car wash and the dishwasher!

Key takeaway:  For hair growth purposes, make sure your shampoo is as natural as possible and is sulfate-free.

Remember to keep your diet full of healthy vitamins and nutrients.  Don't forget your iron, Vitamin C and Niacin in your growth journey.  Empower your hair to have the strength it needs so you can retain length.  Keep your ingredients natual and healthy and your hair will love you. 

Hair Growth Shampoo

In the end, shampoo is a winner.  It makes your hair follicles dance and your scalp ready for hair growth.  Following a shampoo routine will help your hair become healthy and help you reach your full hair growth potential. 

A good shampoo will clear your scalp of debris and allow it to have an environment where oxygen and circulation can occur.  It will also protect your hair from the damage that can slow down growth. 

In the end, consistency is the secret.  Find a day for shampooing and stick to it.  Before long you will start seeing results. 

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