• How Sulfates Can Damage Your Hair (And What You Can Choose Instead)
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How Sulfates Can Damage Your Hair (And What You Can Choose Instead)

Is your hair colour fading?

Do you have premature hair loss?

Is your hair dry, brittle or dull?

Chances are, your problem is caused by one thing: sulfates.

Why Certain Products Use Sulfates

Any brand of hair shampoo that contains sulfates of any kind is bad for your hair. So why do hair product companies use it?

Because it’s foamy and CHEAP.  

Many shampoos are overpriced even though the main ingredient is an inexpensive sulfate base. Sulfates strip colour and shine from your hair. How? Sulfates are a group of harsh chemicals that overclean your hair by penetrating the protective layer of your hair.

And, if you are using a product that advertises “color-safe” on the label and sulfates are on the ingredient list - it is not colour safe! Sulfates are one of the leading causes of colour stripping and premature hair loss, right up there with sunlight.

As consumers, we have grown used to piles of lather. Larger amounts of lather simply equate to excessive stripping, drying and corroding the delicate surface of your hair. Skipping these high-lather detergents will mean healthier looking, shinier, and more vibrant hair.

The solution is simple. Don’t buy shampoos with sulfates. (SLS and SLES)

Thankfully, there are wonderful natural astringents that cleanse hair, without damaging or breaching protective barriers. Shampoos that contain natural cleaning agents will effectively clean without compromising the integrity of your hair shafts and follicles. These natural solutions may cost a little more – but isn’t your hair worth it?

There are a number of sulfate free shampoos with natural oils and extracts that are amazing for your hair and scalp. But they can be harder to find.

 Our Sulfate-Free Solution For Your Hair

Jirano Beauty has a line of sulfate free products that provide the right amount of nutrients to hair shafts and follicles without the use of sulfates or salt (two more enemies of amazing hair). They even have a line of products perfect for 3A to 4C hair types. The oils and extracts are great for your hair shafts and follicles. We believe treating both your hair and scalp at the same time are the key to amazing hair.

So worry no more! There are solutions to colour fade, brittle dry and dull hair. Just say “no” to suflates. Say yes to Jirano!

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